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Add depth effect to your texts and pictures

A well-rendered shadow gives any object, be it text, price tag, image, or sticker, a sense of volume and adds depth to the whole design. The CONTE app has a powerful shadow editor that allows you to add a shadow to any object just in seconds.

Let's see how it works.

1) Add an image with a transparent background to the canvas. By the way, you can remove the background from any picture just in seconds using our special "Magic Wand" function.

2) Select the added image, open the "Shadow" option, and configure its parameters (size, color, location, blur, and transparency) to achieve the best result.

3) Do the same with the text. Add any text to the canvas and adjust the shadow.

Enjoy the result! Give your posts, stories, and any other content a perfect depth effect just in seconds with the CONTE app.