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Polaroid Effect

Create a collage with instant print frames

How to convey a vintage spirit on Instagram, create a nostalgic mood, or just make any picture more original? Try to decorate your content with minimalistic Instant Print frames. The same frames that are used in Polaroid, Kodak Smile, or Fujifilm Instax cameras.

It will take just a couple of minutes to create such content in the CONTE app! We will show you in detail how to make such a collage from scratch, but you can also use one of our exclusive templates presented in the Polaroid I and II packs, 6&9 layouts, and many others.

1) Create a new project and add your photos and videos to the canvas.

2) Open the Stickers panel, find the Polaroid category and add the frames you like over the photos.

If you added photos after the frames, either the default order of layers does not suit you, it can be easily changed. Just select the required element on the canvas, click "Layer" and move it to the desired level in the layer hierarchy.

3) Well, all photos and frames have been added, it remains to add a background and write some text. Let's choose one of the "Paper" backgrounds and "stick" created frames to it using stickers from the "Tape" pack.

You're all set! Just 3 easy steps and a stunning Post or Story in the Vintage style are ready to publish. Give it a try and share your result with us.